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Our brides use Rare Bird Beauties Bridal Extensions for their wedding day. Now you can too.

For the first time, we are making our extensions available to every bride, no matter what hair and makeup team you are using for your wedding day.

no, these are not models.

Every picture on this page is of a real bride that used or is about to use Rare Bird Beauties Bridal Extensions on their wedding day.

While stunning, these women are not professional models. These are Rare Bird Beauties in their truest form. We love our brides, and that is why we asked them to help bring Rare Bird Beauties Bridal Extensions to the world.

Further down on this page, you can read about each brides experience using our extensions.

what extensions can do for you.

We can write all day about what our extensions can do for your desired bridal look, but we also want to show you. Below, use the slide tool compare what our brides look like before their extensions are in and then after.

meet our brides.

We asked several of our brides to write about their personal experience using Rare Bird Beauties Bridal Extensions. Here, you can learn about their personal journey, see more before and after extension photos, learn why those chose to use extensions, how they felt using them, and what they thought about working with Rare Bird Beauties.

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You have questions, Rare bird beauties has answers.

What is custom matching?

Custom Matching is the process in which we meet with a bride in person at our studio to figure out the perfect set of extensions for her bridal look. We match you with the perfect extension based on your hair color, length, thickness, and your desired bridal hairstyle for your wedding.

What does "seamless clip-in extension" mean?

Seamless clip-in hair extensions are the gold standard of hair extensions.

The technical definition of seamless clip-ins means the hair has been fused to a flexible silicone weft as opposed to being sewn to fabric or lace.

This allows the weft to lay flat on your scalp making them unnoticable. To be honest, you will likely forget you are even wearing extensions once they are in.

How do I set up my custom matching appointment?

You can set up your appointment through our website here. A custom matchpointment costs $25 and takes about 15 minutes with our hair specialist.

How much will my bridal extensions cost?

Typical cost of our extensions run from $350-$800. The price is based on a few factors including:

Color - single color extensions are less expensive than extensions that need to be highlighted to match a brides hair.

Length - the longer the extensions you need, say 16 inch vs. 22 inch, the more expensive they will be.

Weight - Brides with thinner hair may need extensions that are 100-150 grams in weight, while brides with thicker hair may need up to 200 gram extensions. Typically, the more your extensions weigh, the more they will cost.

Number of extensions - some brides will only neeed 2 or 3 extensions to achieve their bridal look, while others will need 6 or 7. The more extensions you need, the higher the cost.

How long does the custom matching session take?

The custom matching session is fairly quick and typically takes 15 minutes.

Can I order my extensions online?

At this time, we are only offering in-person, custom matched extensions. We beileve a bride deserves the perfect extension match on her wedding day, and the only way to receive the perfect set of extensions is to be custom matched at our studio with our bridal hair experts.

where can I get custom matched for my bridal extensions?

All our custom matching sessions take place at Rare Bird Beauties Studio in Chicago. Our address is 1019 N. Western Ave, Chicago IL 60622

is there a fee for the custom matching appointment?

The cost of the custom match appointment is $25 and it takes about 15 minutes.

what are the quality of Rare Bird Beauties extensions?

It would be hard to find higher quality extensions than what we offer. Rare Bird Beauties extensions are made with 100% ethically sourced Remy hair. Remy hair simply means the extensions themselves are real human hair. Our extensions are seamless clip-in, wich means they are comfrotable and basically invisable to the naked eye.

Do you use Remy hair?

Yes, we use the highest quality 100% ethically sourced Remy human hair for all our extensions.

After my custom matching session, when will I get my extensions?

Our typical turn around time for extensions is 4-6 weeks. However, if you need them before that, we are happy to look into rush order options for you. This may add an extra cost to your extensions.

what if I need my extensions before your 4-6 weeek turn around time?

If you need your extensions quickly, we can look into that for you. Email us at and we will do everything in our power to make it hapoen for you.

If I am not using a Rare Bird Beauties hair artist on my wedding day, can I still get the Rare Bird Beauties extensions?

Absolutely! It wasn't always this way, but we are so happy that now any bride can obtain Rare Bird Beauties bridal extensions for their big day.

We are even happy to work with your hair artist to make sure we get the correct extensions that they need to complete your look!