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4.9/5 Star average rating across all platforms, numerous wedding industry awards and front page features.

hair and makeup artist offerings

we support our fellow artists and the beauty community.

Chair Rentals

for professional hair and makeup artists

Our beautiful sun filled studio offers an amazing experience for you and your clients. Rent a chair for as low as $12 an hour through our Chair Rental Program.

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Extension Partner Program

for professional hair stylists

Custom Bridal Extensions by Rare Bird Beauties are the best matched clip-in hair extensions available for your clients. Each set of extensions is custom and made to order.

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with world renown h+mkup artists

As a beauty professional, you recognize the indispensable value of advancing your education in order to master your craft of hair and makeup.

Join us at Rare Bird Beauties Studio and learn from the best artists in the world such as Tonya (Stylist) Pushkareva, Kristina Gasperas, and Marta of Niezwykle Czesanie.

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