what to know before you book a chair

how do hair and makeup chair rentals work?
  • We offer by the hour hair and makeup chair rentals

  • We offer discounted hourly rates when you purchase more hours up front.

  • Prices range from $20 an hour or as low as $12 an hour pending on the hour package you purchase

  • We also offer a monthly subscription for unlimited chair rentals + safe kit storage for $980

  • You will have access to the space 24/7 as chair availability allows
Who are our chair rentals meant for?
  • We offer chairs to Makeup Artists, Bridal Hairstylists, and Licensed Hairstylists

  • For security reasons, we personally approve every artist before they can begin renting a chair from us.
What are the Pricing and Packaging options?
  • When you purchase more hours upfront, you will receive a lower hourly rate.

  • $20/hr when you purchase under 8 hours

  • $12/hr when you purchase up to 40 hours

  • $980 per month for unlimited chair rental

  • You can schedule your hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as chair availability allows

  • You may schedule your chair rentals up to 3 months in advance
Do you have free parking for stylists and clients?
  • Yes, there is plenty of free street parking located on Western Ave and some of the surrounding neighborhood streets
What do you offer in your space to artists?
  • Sun filled room during the day and numerous lighting options for early morning or evening sessions

  • Makeup Chairs include a tall chair for your client, a spacious glass high top table, a large mirror and bright lighting

  • Hair Chairs include a large adjustable styling chair, a beautiful mirror, and a spacious wooden desk space

  • 2 comfortable hair washing stations equipped with backbar shampoos and conditioners

  • Towels and towel cleaning service provided to all renters

  • Lounge area for clients

  • Bottled water for clients

  • Bluetooth speaker system
What happens once I purchase my hours package below?
  • Once you make a payment, you will receive a confirmation email that contains your personal code and chair rental link

  • You will click the link in your confirmation email to schedule your chair rental

  • While scheduling your chair rental hours, you will use your personal code to redeem the hours you have already purchased and to schedule your chair rental

  • You will also receive instructions on how to access the studio space, including a unique entry code to enter our studio
What is your refund, rescheduling and cancellation policy?
  • When you first purchase your hours package, you have 3 days to return them for a full refund

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel hours which you previously booked, you may do so at any time as chair availability allows
Are there any annual fees, costs to join, or cancellation fees?
  • Our renters simply pay for the hours they need when they need them

  • There are no annual fees, cost to join, or cancellation fees

  • For our monthly subscription option, you are not obligated to renew for the next month or for a certain amount of months

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