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Rare Bird Beauties

Tonya Stylist | Masterclass | Sept. 25 & 26 or Sept. 27 & 28

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Industry trend setter Tonya Stylist returns to Rare Bird Beauties for a two day masterclass course.


When and where do the Masterclasses take place?

Monday September 25 & Tuesday September 26


Wednesday September 27 & Thursday September 28

9:15 am to 5:30 pm each day
Rare Bird Beauties Studio  
1019 N. Western Ave, Chicago IL 60622


Who are these classes suitable for?

Experienced bridal hair artists wanting to master the unique styles of Tonya Stylist.

Why should I take this class?

As bridal hair artists, we must always be nurturing our craft and investing in self education to strengthen our skill sets and careers. If we are not constantly growing our knowledge, we are falling behind on requested styles from brides. Taking a Masterclass from Tonya Stylist is a very rare chance to learn from one of the world's best. The experience will be infinitely beneficial to any hair artist's career.

Who is Tonya Stylist?

Tonya Stylist is a world renowned hairstylist and founder of Tonya Stylist Online School. Her styles are being worn by tens of thousands of brides every year. Tonya received a Behind The Chair Award in Upstyling category in 2019. She boasts a half million followers on instagram and her name is known by hairstylists and brides to be around the world.

Tonya Stylist Instagram

What you can expect.

Intensive, hands-on, fully-focused 2 day masterclass covering the skills hair artists need for a thriving bridal hair career. Each Masterclass day students will first observe Tonya create her hair styles in the demo portion. Then students will recreate those hairstyles under the guidance of Tonya in the practical portion of the dayTonya will explain many details to help students truly understand hair, not only with step by step instruction, but also regarding preparation and what different options could be used on different types of hair.

What and how many hairstyles will I be learning?

Each day of the Masterclass Tonya Stylist will teach 2 different bridal hair styles. 

What am I required to bring, and what about lunch?

Each student must bring their own model or mannequin if attending the practical portion of the day. Lunch will be provided for those with Demo+Practical tickets. Lunch is not provided for those with Demo Only tickets.


Each masterclass day is broken down into 2 portions.

  • 1) Demo Portion 
    • 9:15 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Tonya Stylist will demonstrate 2 sought after hairstyles on models and explain in fine detail techniques, products and step-by-step process of each hairstyle creation.
    • Students observe and take notes as the lesson is given.
    • Students are encourage to ask questions to Tonya while she creates the styles
    • Students may take video during the demo for later use
    • 17 seats available for the demo portion
  • 2) Practical Portion
    • 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
    • Students perform 1 of the previously demonstrated hairstyles on models of their own.
    • Tonya Stylist will be present to assist and give direction.
    • seats available for the practical portion


Tickets are available in the following format: 

  • Monday September 25 & Tuesday  September 26
    • 2 Day Demo Session Only: $425
    • 2 Day Demo + Practical Sessions: $960
  • Wednesday September 27 & Thursday  September 28
    • 2 Day Demo Session Only: $425
    • 2 Day Demo + Practical Sessions: $960